Auction Services

   Auctions are fun and exciting events that are growing in popularity. It is a great way to spend some leisure time, especially if you can acquire an antique or interesting collectible at a very good price.

    Of course, there is another side of the auction business, one that involves the seller. There are a variety of reasons to consider using an auction to dispose of excess inventory, assets from an estate, or simply to make room in the house for new furniture. Whether you have a single item or a large collection, we can usually find the right solution to maximize your return.

   David offers a number of professional services, including many behind the scene activities prior to and after the actual auction day. Our focus is to realize the maximum return on goods sold, from a single item to an entire estate. We will help in whatever capacity your situation requires, from conducting a full sale from set-up to closing, consignment sales of individual items, or with appraisal services, helping you to determine the realistic market value of your goods. David has earned a reputation of honesty and goodwill in the auction community, and is sensitive to the needs of both sellers and buyers alike. If you need a single item, or your entire contents sold or appraised, we can help.

Free Consultations

   Ask for a professional and confidential meeting to determine items to be auctioned - you may be surprised to find that what you may be discounting "junk" could earn you CASH! David will assess your needs to provide the services you require to ensure a successful sale. We are available to come to your location to give advice on how best to proceed with your individual situation. We will help in whatever way your situation requires.

Pre Auction Services

o Assistance to co-ordinate consignment items
o Identification - Research - Appraisal
o Marketing Promotion - internet/print/flyers
o Packing, transportation and storage of consignment
o Transportation of consignment to auction site
o Competitive rates - based on services required

Professional Auction Services

o Computerized Auction management systems
o All items are cleaned, organized and displayed to their best advantage
o Trained professional staff
o Food Booth on site

Post Auction Services

o Expedient and detailed documentation of sale
o Prompt Payment (usually within 7 days of sale)

Appraisal Services

   We can provide an unbiased opinion about the value of your items, and provide fair and honest options for disbursing them. When you need to know the value of personal property for any reason, whether you are the executor of an estate or are downsizing, clearing accumulated items or disbursing contents, we can help.

   Many insurance companies now require professional documentation of personal property. Recovering the full value of your assets requires qualified identification prior to loss or damage. We are qualified to supply you with the necessary, professionally prepared appraisal and accompanying documentation. Both David and Carol are accredited appraisers.

   Our appraisal services include research and documentation of all items to be valued, in accordance with CPPA standards and practices. Values are based upon present market research, availability of product, condition and appearance of the item, historical values, and realistic market values. Appraisal values are reached after a thorough examination, and research is performed. We use the most currently available reference materials and consultation with fellow professionals in specific fields of expertise and knowledge.

   You will receive a professional document prepared by qualified individuals, which will meet your appraisal needs, whether for insurance, replacement costs, divorce, probate, etc.



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